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Your Daily Bread …

Those of you fortunate enough to live in Sydney should perhaps visit one of Victoire‘s bakeries this festive season and treat yourself with some delicious French pastries & breads. Established in 1985, Victoire combines humble ingredients and traditional French baking methods to produce bread and pastries of exceptional quality and, after all those years, managed to retain its charm and authenticity. Owner & award-winning French artisan baker Myriam Cordellier invited us into her world and talked frankly and openly in what is to be her last interview (ever) about her career that spans more than 30 years.  Captured on camera, our photographic and styling team worked the late shift to share with you Myriam’s daily bread.  A few words of wisdom from Myriam’s interview can be found below:

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You can tell who made a loaf of bread by the way it is marked. Scarification  – the cutting of the bread – that is the signature of the baker. Some do it deep, some light, straight or not. For me, for example, a baguette has to be slashed seven times for the seven days of the week. It’s the very last thing you do to the bread – the final touch before the end. Once the process of cooking starts, there is nothing you can change after that.

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I’m very traditional. From the start, I have made very simple patisseries like tart au citron and quiche Lorraine. I don’t like fashion. The fantasy of the macaroon, for example, can be extremely appealing. But the taste? It’s not that interesting at all. People buy them for the presentation, the colour, the look. They evolved from the philosophy of the good looking.

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Visit one of their brick & mortar stores

Victoire Rozelle
660 Darling Street
P 9818 5529

Victoire Cammeray
451 Miller Street
P 9929 3434

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