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Meet the Maker – Ceramic Designer David Edmonds

Aiming to complement the sensory experience of enjoying a meal, potter and ceramic designer David Edmonds has been creating unique and versatile tableware for over 25 years. quintessential duckeggBLUE, a retailer and supporter of this artisan maker, has been stocking – and using – Edmonds Handmade Ceramics for ten years. Take a look behind the scenes as we Meet the Maker at his Rozelle studio and discover the craftsmanship that lies behind each one of David’s creations.

I call myself a ceramic designer but I honestly don’t really care anymore. The potters call me a designer and the designers call me a potter and the art world thinks I’m too commercial. After 35 years, you do your own thing.

People want things in a hurry. That’s what it’s all about these days. But you can’t hurry this process. That’s the value in it, the time invested. You need to have patience and stamina. What people don’t understand is how long and involved the ceramic process is. It takes ten days to make a plate. You put things in the kiln and you shut the door. You’ve done everything perfectly up to that point but there’s no guarantee it’s going to come out how you expect.

I set out to create something people wanted to lick. That was my inspiration: to complement the sensory experience of enjoying a meal.

The creative process is a pretty solitary pursuit. I talk to myself all the time. I do it when the staff is here, too – so they tell me! I question, discuss and argue, usually through my dust mask.

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Photography: Ellis Parrinder     –     Styling: John Mangila

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