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I’m often asked…..

What is my favourite story that we have featured in THE quintessential MAGAZINE?  It seems to be a popular question from bloggers and the media.

Without doubt, it would have to be our interview and photo shoot with George Cleverley, a bespoke shoe maker based in Old Bond Street, London.



As published in Edition 4’s Meet The Maker, what is not to LOVE about this imagery?  Shot by London based photographer, Nassima Rothacker, her empathy and visual story telling is nothing more than poetic and set alongside our interview with George Glasgow Jr, this is without doubt the most inspiring story we have featured (to date!).

George Glasgow Jr is CEO & Creative Director of the bespoke English shoemaker G. J. Cleverley. Cleverley’s charming shop can be found in the heart of London’s West End in the 19th-century Royal Arcade just off Old Bond Street.

Do you believe you can judge a person’s character by their shoes?

Absolutely! It is the first thing a lot of people look at … Always spend good money on your shoes and your bed, because if you’re not in one, then you’re in the other …

Is it true that the relationship with some of your customers has lasted longer than their marriages?

Yes, it’s true and it’s with many customers!



One moment you’ll never forget?

Spending the afternoon at David Beckham’s house … and visiting A-Rod at his house in New York …

Advice you’re glad you didn’t take?

Make women’s shoes! Always focus on what you’re the best at, which is men’s shoes for us.

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