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How exciting!  Edition 4 goes live tomorrow.

Disembodied dolls’ heads, obscure antiques and portraits with eyes that follow you around the room:  our Curios & Oddities edition of THE quintessential MAGAZINE is a little left of center, sideshow alley meets 1910s carnival!


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As featured in Edition 3 of THE quintessential MAGAZINE, our short film, ‘Pieces To Make Whole’, filmed and produced by Racket, is an enchanting look at how we engage with and collect objects around us.

In this edition we celebrate collections – the grouping together of well-loved objects from the practical to the sculptural – and explore how they have the ability to transform our homes and our lives.

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Today, THE quintessential MAGAZINE shares with you the history of our collection of Mannequins that are available in our bricks and mortar store, quintessential duckeggBLUE.

Are you looking for a mannequin?  Maybe an antique male bust dating from the 1850’s or a French mannequin dating to the 40’s…..


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