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Meet our new collaborator, Stephanie Somebody.

Stephanie who?  Stephanie Somebody.  Instagram sensation (with over 123,000 followers and counting), stylist, designer, photographer and wishful thinker.


Check out Stephanie Somebody’s fine eye for the detail for all things nature inspired…..the outlook is good for THE quintessential MAGAZINE with this talented collaborator.

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Brief to the fabulous and highly talented London based photographer, Nassima Rothacker, ‘find me a pair of Bono’s shoe lasts…..

And if not Bono’s, find me a pair from The Rolling Stones’!  I don’t ask for much do I! Well, Bono was not to be, but Charlie Watts was found…. Well done Nass!


Want to see which other notable shoe lasts were discovered at an Old Bond Street bespoke shoemaker?  Then check out edition 4 of THE quintessential MAGAZINE, subscription is free.

As featured in edition 4 of THE quintessential MAGAZINE, our Belgian Carnival papier mache head made the opening page of our ‘The Odd & The Curious’ story.


Dating from the 1930’s, this quirky find is available in store and online at quintessential duckeggBLUE. 

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