Alcohol consumption increases during lockdown

The Covid epidemic has relegated people to the confines of their home and this seclusion has led many to take up drinking on a more regular basis. It has been a boom time for online alcohol retailers such as Dan Murphy’s and Boozebud who have seen record purchases of beer, wine and spirits home delivered.

People’s drinking habits have not only increased due to being stuck at home but also Covid related stress, unemployment and anxiety. Lock downs throughout the country has caused many lives to be turned upside down in an instant with many unable to deal with the changes easily.

Amongst the general population, a survey conducted by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation found that young people are most likely to increase their drinking habits during. Interestingly, young people also were the most determined to reduce their booze consumption with 28% off them saying such. Only 22% of older Australians aged from 35 to 53 felt like they wanted to reduce their alcohol consumption and an even smaller percentage, 10%, of those 54 and over wanted to reduce their consumption.

The figure that concerns health professionals the most is the fact that 37% of respondents wanted to continue their level of drinking even post lock downs.

Although bad for health in general, it is good news for Alcoholic stores. Boozebud has gained popularity during this time. Use a Boozebud promo code when you purchase from them for a great deal.

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